Billions Of Billious Blue Blistering Barnacles

Bashi Bazooks, Sea Gherkins, Nincompoops, Aztecs!!

Geriartic Woes!

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I can’t believe my 5th semester is almost over. It feels weird, funny, surreal and scary all at once……

It feels as if the past 2 1/2 years have just floated by…..I find the idea of me growing up, very …well for the lack of a better word..Unimaginable.  (God help my kid(s)…If i have any)

I don’t how to describe the feeling though.  I want to get out of the college ASAP….but I know that I am going to miss it(I cant believe I am saying this…I am Drunk!!!)

Dunno…maybe its the responsibility that comes with being an adult(in my case my medical bills too..after/if I get a job.) .

I guess the idea won’t really hit me till I get a job…Till then  I will keep having these whimsical moments of madness…


Written by yasho

December 1, 2007 at 4:29 pm

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