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The Sperm Betrayal

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Today this blogger,driven by boredom and what seems like an early form of Alzheimer or Schizophrenia (since I couldn’t think of a better explanation for this pointless post) , discovers the ugly truth behind the murky world of Sperms.

It is widely believed that Sperms are the ultimate commies, working for the greater good. All but one sacrificing themselves for the ultimate goal, fertilization.

They work together to break the egg’s protective wall so that one of them can get through.

But I disagree.

I believe sperms are nothing but people running for their lives, where the first one to reach the safe spot just presses “Delete All”. They work together, spend almost all their lives together, but once a small opening is created and one of those backstabbing bastards gets through, its chaos outside. An alarm is triggered which basically kills all the other sperms. It is sad and unfortunate that the basis of life is the betrayal of a sacred brotherhood . (Or as one would say “Hoes before bros!”). And to think that we are expected to be not selfish, when the reason we are here is because one dhokhebaaz was able to give his comrades a slip and send them on the highway to hell.

*Those who know me would have probably seen the Highway To Hell line coming ….*


Written by yasho

January 16, 2009 at 5:17 am

Objects ? I think not…

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Objectification of women.

One of the most sensitive issues when it comes to movies today (Movies includes Porn.)

This is something I have given a LOT of thought to.

Although it might appear insensitive, I think it is not as prevalent as people think.

Porn and other movies depicting women as seductress are doing nothing but acknowledging their power over men. Yes, men think about sex. That is precisely what gives women power over them. And this is precisely what these movies show. Otherwise how can you explain people watching tripe like Original Sin. These women have the power to draw guys to watch these movies.

In a civilised society we might look down upon the power of lust, but it is one of the most basic emotions and will ALWAYS be there . (At least as long as the Ice Caps hold up..)

One of the most prominent examples was the wonderful “Ilsa” series of movies.

While that series has been called exploitation tripe, I beg to differ . It goes to the most excruciating details to show the power of the female.

One scene exemplifies it more than others.

There are two chicks, almost naked (Obviously to depict the raw nature of the scene and the naked truth about Girl Power.) fighting this ugly fat guy. They beat him to a pulp and to put the exclamation mark on the proceedings, take his balls out with their bare hands.

(I squirmed here. FACT- Guys get really really queasy and scared whenever any other guy’s “parts” are under attack. Probably it reminds them the pain of having been hit there by a ball, or getting kneed by an infuriated ex. )

This was the ultimate depiction of Woman power.

In all possible ways. Symbolic and Literal.You name it.

After this, I dare anyone to complain that women are objectified in movies, specially in masterpieces like Ilsa:The Harem Keeper of The Oil Sheikh.

(Also, hats off to Russ Meyer)

___ The whole point of the post was to draw the readers attention to this unbelievable piece of cinema______ 🙂

Written by yasho

January 9, 2009 at 6:32 pm