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No Smoking ?!?

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I know this is very similar to the eye of a lesser evil.

I am surprised that the “all censoring” EYE of Ramadoss hasn’t turned its all powerful gaze towards the issue of smoking. The “real” issue (This is to distance this particular article from the bollywooddesque shenanigans of Mr. AR ).

The weirdest thing is that one is not even allowed to carry a bottle of liquor if others can see it. You need a “kaalikh” bhara plastic bag for that.(I am not sure of legality or otherwise of this particular issue.)

But there is no such restriction on Cigarettes.

Drinking in public is illegal…Although drinking does not harm others. The same cannot be said about smoking. Smoking in public is perfectly legal , albeit much more harmful. I am really shocked no one really brought up the issue of passive smoking . Specially Mr. A R

I firmly believe that Ramadoss is nothing but a publicity seeking, egoistic, power mad, stupid ,moronic Monkey, who refuses to look at real issues. I am appalled at Manmohan Singh and his govt. for allowing him to go on with his ways as long as he has.

But then what do I know. I don’t know anything about smoky details and whims of the exalted circles of the ones with the power.

PS____Thanks to Abhishek, I just found out that Smoking is indeed illegal in public. But this kinda helps my case.

The law is as effective as the one which makes Helmets compulsory in Maharashtra.

PPS_ I have seen loads of Policeman smoking in public. Sad…


Written by yasho

May 27, 2008 at 4:11 am

Posted in Cribs, Reality Bites