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The Frowning Rain Gods

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It is a bit surprising that there have been showers in various cities over the past few days. Mid-May doesn’t exactly qualify as monsoon; and although small showers are not that unusual, what i find weird is the location.

For the past 5-6 days it has been compulsorily raining only at IPL venues , irrespective of how far they are from each other. Bangalore, Mohali, you name it.

(with the temperature in Pune, how I wish it had rained here…)

Looks like Lord Indra isn’t a big fan of the tournament…..


Written by yasho

May 19, 2008 at 4:11 pm

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Grey Nomads

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Yesterday was a day of some surprising announcements.

Some that were happy, some that were sad.


1.Anika Sorenstam Retires. (Don’t like golf, not a feminist, so don’t care much)

2.Henin announces her retirement with immediate effect.

WHY?? I loved Henin. Never seen a player who was mentally stronger. The female Federer for me. She could have dominated the WTA circuit for at least 2 more years.

On a happier note—

Henrik Larsson named in the Swedish Euro 2008 squad.

For some reason I am a sucker for those romantic come back stories.

After all, who can forget Zidane in world cup 2006, almost the perfect swansong.

And anyone who saw Larsson playing in the last Euro would agree with me. With everyone speculating whether he was fit enough or not, we saw Larsson scoring a brace against Bulgaria in a 5-1 mauling and it included that astonishing flying headed goal .

I am sure he will give a good performance this time around too.

How I wish Pavel Nedved had decided to do the same for the Czech’s , the dark horses (for me , they would have been contenders if Nedved was there.)

Still, I am happy enough with Larsson’s return .


PS_ GREY NOMADS- It refers to tourists who are retired and are roaming around the country,

Written by yasho

May 15, 2008 at 4:52 am

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The Whole Shebang-A Conspiracy Theory

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With everyone saying how shameful, the whole thing has been and that both Bhajji and the Malyalee Monkey are responsible for it (One of them more than the other.)and that both have come out for the worse (as analysed By Ramanand).

Physical violence has no place in cricket, and that Harbhajan should face the music.

But because of the carefully developed and ridiculously weird thinking pattern that I have , I disagree.

So this is my way of supporting the likes of India TV and other channels (Nothing compares to India TV though) and there a la’ juggernaut ,search for sensational news (found or made, doesnt make much difference) I am writing the following part–


I think the whole thing is an orchestrated event. As everyone had seen, after the initial matches , the ratings and the attendance had been falling, because the novelty factor was gone.

So what does Mr.Modi decide to do.

A controversy. Nothing grabs you by the balls as hard as a juicy controversy.

So he asks Bhajji to step up for the collective good and be the “Bali Ka Bakra”. Me thinks Bhajji is being compensated well for doing this and facing the ban. As for Sreesanth, this might have been a pathetic attempt at rebuilding his image. Going from a smoke sprouting (I dont think there ever was any fire to back it) ,dancing , boastful monkey to a 4 year old who is crying cause he got slapped.

There are so many signs that this is an acted event.

Why would Bhajji go and slap Sreesanth? Too unprofessional for anyone.

Why didn’t our fireband retaliate. Any normal person on being hit retaliates.

Why is everything being done behind the doors?

Why did the “K-League” dialogue of “Bade Bhayya” came into the play?

Why are there claims of Punching AND slapping now?

The most reasonable explanation is that Modi wants to make it a masala blockbuster, with something for everyone.

The fans have their cricket.

The ladies have their soap style drama and sentiments.

The non-cricket fans get to see a fusion of cricket and “muay thai” (Thai Kick Boxing).

A diabolical plan indeed Mr.Modi, Bravo.

PS_ My suspicions will be confirmed if they start advertising their matches as “Rumble In The Jungle” etc. etc. .

Written by yasho

April 28, 2008 at 3:44 am